What is the Lodge?

The Wolf Lodge is a 21,000 square foot home just outside of Coeur d Alene, Idaho. It sits on 10 acres that boarder the Coeur d Alene Forest. The residence is 60% complete; it is framed, windows are in, and the roof is on. After months of deliberating, we decided to step out and make an offer on it. To our surprise the offer was accepted with a few minor revisions. Surprised were our children when we consulted them on our plans to move and take a year building together; go from private school to homeschool, leave friends and family, and take on a massive project. To our amazement they all agreed it would be an adventure, so we dove in. It is one week later from that family meeting. All doors have continued to open and now we await one final hurdle until the deal is sealed, the building inspection. We are all a bit on the nervous, yet excited side of things. Oh, what do you have in store for us our Lord?


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