thank·ful ˈTHaNGkfəl

Tis the season to be Thankful!  I am taking a few moments today to reflect upon the goodness of our God.  I am, like most, who busily get to the task that is at hand, but for the first day in what seems like weeks, I am purposely taking a moment to reflect and be thankful.  A week ago today, we passed our final inspection on the lodge and began moving things from the loft into the main house. Hooray!! It has been a whirlwind of a week, much of the cabinetry and organization structures are not in place and I am realizing just how “unfinished” this house is.  But regardless it has been a week of seeing a three year process come to some sort of completion.



You can see we have places within the house where it is looking inhabited and put together, but most areas look like this…

Vastly open and awaiting furniture, but in reality even more look like this…


Incredibly unorganized and in disarray! This is the reality of where we are at right now.

To be honest, I have not felt thankful all week!  In fact some irritants have gotten under my skin, I won’t say it’s all hunting season’s fault. ;0 But, I really have not been all that rosy.  That is why I am taking today.  It’s my thankful day.  Silly, I know. But it works for me.  Sometimes we must set aside time and mental effort to focus.  Focus on what we want to do or be.  So I guess you can say, I am purposefully being thankful, because that is who I want to be.  Not because I especially feel thankful, even though it appears as I should.  The reality of the matter is I am deciding.  Deciding to sow a character trait into my life that I want.  So as this Thankful season rolls around again, make the decision.  Despite your circumstances, take time to align your heart and mind with who it is you want to be.

If you need a bit of nudge as I do mediate on these:

Webster defines Thankful as:

  • expressing gratitude and relief
  • please and relieved

I will be posting a DIY blog on the latest of our projects, the deck, very soon.  All  I can say is it turned out better than we imagined!

Just a peak into my next post…




4 comments on “thank·ful ˈTHaNGkfəl

  1. Barry Fretwell says:

    Well said Amy, Jerad and you’re place is awesome and surely has the Lord’s hands in its construction. Bon and I enjoyed the viewing as well as dinner at W L restaurant. I hope Jerad gets his deer too, Bless you guys, Barry

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Amy says:

      We are so thankful for God’s hands upon our construction process. We sure did enjoy you visit last week. What a joy it was to see you! Much love to you and your bride.


  2. Trish Ray says:

    As always, much was needed to be heard !!! You said it all well, and with such reality! Thank you for your openess! Someday we will enjoy seeing this big beautiful place!
    Love you guys,


  3. rbfja says:

    Grateful. Something I often have to stop and remember. You’re so right it is a choice. One that feels good to make. You are such a blessing to me Amy. You serve and sacrifice many times over for your family and friends. Thank you for this update and good reminder of just how blessed we are.


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