Kitchen tourĀ 

I’ve been asked to post more pictures with details of The Wolf Lodge kitchen. Some of  these were taken around thanksgiving, as you can tell by the decor.  But none the less, here you go. Enjoy! 

The outer cabinets are painted white while the island is stained Sherwin Williams Ranch Oak. The granite used is Viscon White.

Half of our counters are covered with a brushed stainless steel. I highly recommend stainless in the kitchen, but be sure to get it brushed. This hides all the scratches that will appear with use. The sink with drainboard has been welded seamlessly.

We have very few upper cabinets, one because I am short and end up using only the bottom shelves, tow, because we have amazing windows that leave us little room for upper cabinetry. You can also see our 3 minute was commercial dishwasher in this pic. Love that dishwasher!

The baking center sits a bit lower.

The floors in the kitchen area are a rolled black rubber with cream specks. I absolutely love the way cleans up and is easy on the feet and legs while cooking.

I hide my kitchen cart and wheeled garbage can under the tallest part of the island. This area has proved to be very functional. You can also see the commercial dishwasher racks hidden back in there.

Behind that cabinet hides our toaster and all the mess it creates. It has turned out to be a great use of that space.

The three cabinets on the end of the island open up to linen storage

Both sides of the islands have a bit of bling and open shelving that is used for dishes needing to be accessed often.

The multi level island gives us beautiful eating space and a usable prep area.

Reach in access to walk in fridge is to the left of the stove.

To the right of the stove you see the swing door that accesses the pantry and walk in fridge.

Antique 100 yr old Walk in fridge door through pantry access

We put rubber flooring in our pantry area as well. Pantry shelving has yet to be complete, as of now we are using some garage shelving. Our freezer sits between the sets of shelves.

The commercial ice and water dispenser proves to be hand for parties.


The beverage center has its own fridge. This area gets a lot of use.

The Wolf Lodge kitchen, being the heart of the home, is beating strong. Our desire was to marry beauty with function. We hope that it will be a useful tool in feeding many folk over the years. Maybe even you!